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It is a work in progress. I am Mark–Stephen: Flowers©. DISCLAIMER

I Use Bill Schnoebelen as my reference point as he is the highest ranked Secret Society Whistle Blower in the world. He is a former member of the Illuminati. Bill Schnoebelen is the highest to ever turn against his secret society in the world in history I believe! Praise Jesus Christ for Bill, and may Jesus bless and protect him and his loved ones! Bill is now a dedicated Christian exposing the truth about the evils of Secret Societies and their paedophile belief systems.

I, Mark–Stephen: Flowers© am the author of a detailed white paper on Gang Stalking. I am a Whistle Blower of Secret Societies who do Gang Stalking as well as secret society infiltration of Christian churches in all denominations. I am doing my best to expose the Paedophile belief system that I believe exists in these well known secret societies. This is the missing link to child abuse within the church. DO NOT BLAME JESUS. Study the secret societies to get the truth. Look your priest or paster in the eyes and ask him if he is in a secret society! The windows of the soul do not lie.

I am exposing one of the most henious secrets of many of the secret societies. They hold the belief they will receive eternal life by committing paedophile child abuse.

I am a survivor of secret society Gang Stalking for many many years. The dogs of gang stalking were released upon me. THE SHAME BELONGS TO THEM! You can read more me on the About Mark page.


The following link provides the believed extensive evidence of the death of one Rhonda Moon. It is claimed that this death may very well have been as the result of the Gang Stalking of Mark Flowers. The evidence is placed here for your information and consideration. This is the sort of thing the NSW Police are hiding. The GS Process Allegedly Killing Rhonda Moon.


The following link is to a blog entry for the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security (IGIS). You can visit their website here Inspector General of Intelligence and Security. A formal complaint has been made and it has been a total white wash. Details on this blog entry IGIS – A White Wash.

The Purposes of this Web Site

  • To stand as a personal testament to the character of Mark–Stephen: Flowers©. Mark has been widely slandered by criminal element of  Secret Societies whom are also acting as agents of government departments and Police forces. This site exposes that slander for the criminal act it is and defends Marks good name and reputation as a true child safety advocate and film producer of childrens safety material.


  • To disseminate information to the people who live in the land of Australia as to the criminality of  secret society government agents, police, and ministers of the church.


  • To inform the people of Australia that most high ranking members of these secret societies believe in the paedophile belief system, meaning Satanic ritual child abuse.
  • To inform the people of Australia that many secret societies have a Peadophile belief system and that this evil needs to be exposed and brought to justice.

    The evidence that will be presented on this site will shock many as it will implicate these secret societies and the Police who are merely the strong arm of these secret societies. However the evidence is true and has taken Mark–Stephen: Flowers© many years of persecution to collect properly.


  • To act as a call to all good Australians to do their duty to help protect the children throughout the world as well as to help secure the future safety of future generations of Australian children.

Most Important Articles

The Jimy Saville case that is now raging across the UK has broken the story about paedophiles in high place WIDE OPEN. It is clear to anyone who bothers to look into the Jimmy Saville case that senior political figures, senior media figures, senior police figures and senior legal figures had to be involved in the paedophile rings that Jimmy Savile, and other media personalities, helped procure children for.No man with a brain can imagine that Jimmy Savile went around saying “I am untouchable” without figures from all those areas knowing what he was up to and knowing that he was, indeed, untouchable.

As much as people in Australia do not want to believe it, the same is happening in Australia. The refusal of the average Australian to take an interest in this topic is a betrayal of all those children who are being abused today.

Virtually all child sexual abuse by priests in the catholic church and other denominations of the churches have one connecting link. The perpetrator priests, pastors, ministers, clergy are virtualy all members of well known secret societies. In some cases there are perpetrators who are not in such a secret society. However, the vast majority are in these secret societies because many such secret societies promote the belief that paedophilia is not only ok, but that it is to be encouraged.Even though this program was created by the ABC it presents some indication of the inadequate response from the Catholic Church to the issue of child sexual abuse. We suggest you take a look at this
Four Corners Program called Unholy Silence.Readers of this site are informed that the ABC has performed the same role as the BBC in suppressing news and promoting propaganda in Australia. The ABC is not a “news” organisation. It is a propaganda organisation. One of it’s most important functions from the secret societies point of view is to make sure that anything that the secret societies do not want in the public discourse does not make it in to the public discourse.

Links to Information Presented on this Site

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  3. Bill Schnoebelen has exposed secret societies in many videos. Exposing the Peadophile belief system Bill Schnoebelen was a senior member of a well known secret society. He is a former member of the Illuminanti. Bill Schnoebelen is now a dedicated christian exposing the evils of these secret societies.He is the highest ranked member of a secret society to ever turn against them in the world and in history! Praise God for Bill, and may God Bless and protect him!

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