Child Safety

Mark–Stephen: Flowers© Child Safety Video: Evidence and Endorsements

Mark–Stephen: Flowers© is a child safety advocate and has a long history of being a child safety advocate.


The following links provide extensive evidence of Marks activities with child safety through his “stranger danger” video that was widely used in the schools in his area at the time.


  • 02 Peter Possum Video Cover   This the the cover of the Peter Possum Stranger Danger video that was made by Mark–Stephen: Flowers©. It was created to be shown to young children, typically through schools, to make the little children aware that there are some people who abduct children and to do so in an educational and sensitive way without causing fear or stress to the children. This video was widely used in schools in Marks local area. The time and effort and quality of production is a testament to Marks commitment to child safety.



  • 04 Commendation on Peter Possum Videos   This is a commendation letter from a lady called “Susan Sutcliffe who was president of the Bundaberg Parenting Association at the time. Susan notes the quality of the Peter Possum production and notes favourable comments from parents on the video.


  • 05 Thank you letter for Peter Possum   This is a letter from Annette Bradfield who was the Director of the Horton Lakes Child Care Centre. She thanks Mark for bringing “Peter Possum” to the child care center and the excellent content of the video. She notes that it presents important issues children should be aware of and notes that it gave an opportunity for constructive discussion with the children after the video.


  • 06 Thank You from Noosa RSL   This is a letter from Ron Fleming as the Deputy Chairman of the Tewantin and Noosa RSL and Citizens Memorial Club. In this letter he notes that the club has purchased 20 copies of the video to donate to primary schools, pre-schools and kindergartens in the areas.

    Ron Fleming notes “The Tewantin Noosa RSL Club has no hesitation in recommending the video to any other RSL and Community Club so that they also may donate to Schools etc. in their area as a community service.” This is a very strong commendation from a man who should know what he is talking about.


  • 07 Yandina State School   This is a letter from the Librarian at Yadina State School calling him or herself V J Paterson. The letter confirms that the the video has been found to be a “valuable resource for the Human Relationships Education Stranger Danger programs”. And states “We have recommended the vide to parents and promoted it in our weekly newsletter”.


  • 08 Bunderim Mountain State School   This is a letter from Mrs. Jane Norbury who lists her position as Secretary of the Bunderim Mountain State School P&C Association. She writes to thank Mark for his donation of “Peter Possum’s Let’s Be Safe Around Strangers” video.


  • 09 Bunderim Mountain State School   This is a letter from the Principal of Bunderim Mountain State School noting that he has viewed the segments of the video shot at the school and he no objection in relation to the use of the footage. This is an endorsement of the filming of the vide by the Principal of the school.


  • 10 Sunshine Coast Health Service   This is a letter from Ms. Heather McLaughlin who states her position is Nurse/Manager of Community Health Services Maroochydore. She works in the Sunshine Coast District Health Service. She thanks Mark for attending their meeting to show them the contents of “Peter Possum’s Let’s Be Safe Around Strangers” and thanks him for his donation of the video. She encourages him to bring more such videos to her attention.


  • 11 Newspaper Article   This is a School Newspaper that is advertising the “Peter Possum’s Let’s Be Safe Around Strangers” video to parents. This shows clear endorsement of the video from the school staff to parents of the children in the school.


  • 12_School_Newsletter   This is a school newsletter that tells parents of the children that they may preview the video at the school and consider purchasing a copy for their own children. This is a clear endorsement of the video.


  • 13 Newspaper Article   This is a newspaper article describing how “Peter Possum” turns up to a viewing of the video much to the delight of the children. A clear community endorsement of the video and the message that it presents.


  • 14 Newspaper Article   This is an advertisement to parents of Yardina Primary School for the Peter Possum video. It clearly carries the endorsement of Yardina State Primary School.


  • 15 Say No to drugs   This is a scan of the cover page of the original script for “Peter Possum’s Let’s Say No to Drugs!” video. This video never made it to production due to persecution of Mark over the production of the “Peter Possum’s Let’s Be Safe Around Strangers” video.

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